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Microwave-safe round clear plastic containers for convenient food display and takeaway. Can be used in the micro wave. Allowing guests to quick reheat food in the same vessel it was served in
Plastic takeaway containers provide durability and leak-resistance required for hot/cold dishes, desserts, etc. Freezer Friendly for convenient storage purposes and provide your container with an easy way to save food for later
The plastic containers with lids are microwave-safe, dishwasher-safe and freezer-safe, and are ideal for transporting hot/cold food items.

Both the container and lead are recyclable can be reused and recyclable. These airtight and leak-proof containers can be used to reheat food and meal preparation


Categories: Disposable Food Containers

Our freezer and microwave-safe deli container set has a sturdy, solid construction and snug lids to make sure, your food stays in the plastic storage containers. No Spills in your meal preparation lunch box. The takeaway containers are BPA free microwave safe freezer safe and dishwasher safe. Food Container with lid is reusable and recyclable. These are food-safe and are mostly used for food items in restaurants, take-aways, delis or even for domestic purposes. These containers are light-weight and stackable so don't take much space to store.