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BPA free and food safe PP material. You can reuse these durable containers as often as you like. Easily clean dishwasher safe

Perfect for preparng meals and reheat them to enjoy. Our boxes are custom-made with 2 compartments. Eat healthy and fill the right portions of food in no time.

Take away containers are microwave safe and freezer-friendly for convenient storage purposes and provides an easy way to save food for later.

Both the container and lid are recyclable and simple to clean, making them easy to reuse or dispose of once your meal is finishedl. Sturdy light weight portable design maintains freshness of food and increases effeciency

Use this versatile Choice container and lid to package your signature to-go items and ensure mess-free transportation. Ideal for storage stackable easy meal prepping. Easy store in your walk-in or refrigerated display case. Quick and easy meals on the go will increase impulse sales as customers enjoy your delicious and convenient food.

SKU: WhiteMealPrepContainer

Categories: Disposable Food Containers

Our freezer and microwave-safe deli container set has a sturdy, solid construction and clear lids to make sure, your food stays in the plastic storage containers. No Spills in your meal preparation lunch box. The takeaway containers are BPA free microwave safe freezer safe and dishwasher safe. Food Container with lid is reusable and recyclable. These are food-safe and are mostly used for food items in restaurants, take-aways, delis. Ideal For Prepping & Planning Your Meals Whether Its For Lunch On The Go, Losing Weight, Or Bodybuilding. Air Tight Seal With Durable Components. Maintains Freshness Of Food For Longer! Produced With Durable, High-Quality Plastic Providing Increased Longevity. - Ideal For Work, School, College. IDEAL FOR PORTION CONTROL AND MEAL PREP. MICROWAVE SAFE & FREEZER SAFE. - BPA FREE & FOOD SAFE. Stackable And Space Saving Precise Contouring Of Plastic. Can Also Be Used On The Go ​As Is Light, Portable for domestic purposes. These containers are light-weight and stackable so don't take much space to store.