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Takeaway Food Containers: Pack up your lunch or dinner to go just like a professional restaurant. With 1 convenient compartment you'll be able to sit down to a complete filling meal on the go. The clamshell boxes are very rigid and strong so you can use them with saucy and greasy foods with no issue. Ideal for Fish N Chips, Curry And Rice, and Deli Meals

Completly Recyclable: Made from all natural sugarcane pulp they compost incredibly fast even in a simple home compost heap. You'll be able to enjoy your picnics, BBQs, and lunches on the go with peace of mind knowing that you did your part for the environment.
Super Sturdy: Our heavy duty cut and grease-resistant 1 compartment takeaway boxes are perfect for hot foods and even liquids so you can be confident your meal won't end up on your lap. Ideal for Personal Use as Well as Professional Food
Temperture Resistance: These bagasse food Meal Containers are freezer and microwave friendly, these sturdy disposable boxes are perfect for any occasion. Our products are certified to sustain temperatures from (-20) to (+140) C.

Applications: These white Meal Box Clamshell complements birthday parties, picnics, christmas parties, special events or just everyday household use.

SKU: Bgsfdtkeboxes

Categories: Disposable Food Containers

Bagasse Biodegradable Clamshell Meal Box. These Meal Boxes are stable & sturdy. It is manufactured from 100% sugarcane fibre. Suitable for hot, wet and oily foods. Great alternative for single use plastic. Great for food on the go. These Burger Bowl made from natural sugar cane pulp hence are 100% natural. Unlike bamboo, wooden and paper plates, no tree is harmed in manufacturing them. Being bio-degradable, their disposal do not require any special commercial facility. Deal for Personal Use as Well as Professional Food Service Businesses - Our customers are not just people at home but also food industry businesses looking for quality disposable food boxes, bowls, plates, and trays. Signature disposable Bagasse takeaway food boxes are the perfect solution for restaurants, delis, and cafes that want environmentally friendly takeaway containers.