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50,100,200 & 500 Set of 16oz Brown Insulated Takeaway Disposable Double Wall Paper Coffee and Cold Drinks Cups to Go with White Lids [ 16oz 50 Brown Cups + Free Lids ]

!Our premium paper cups are ideal for you to enjoy hot tea, coffee or espresso and protect your hands from the heat!

SKU: 16doublewallcup

Categories: Home & Kitchen, Disposable Paper Bags

SLEEK DESIGN - Don’t bother with cheap white cups that don’t look nice, and are flimsy and won’t help you at all to enjoy a hot beverage. Our beautifully designed cups feature color and an exterior design that makes them look neat and sleek!

DOUBLE WALL - Our premium hot paper cups with lids, feature special double wall insulation to let you hold your hot drinks without a problem! No heat sleeves are needed!

SAVE YOUR MONEY - Our premium paper cups come complete with lids! Save yourself the extra money and the hassle of searching for the correct lids! Plus with our smart heat insulated design, you won’t need to look for heat sleeves as well! Simply put, it’s one COMPLETE deal. Do NOT let it slip away!

NATURAL PRODUCT - These cups and lids are made from natural materials and green forests. No additives or artificial flavors.