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Stick The Horn On The Unicorn Party Game
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Celebrate little ones My Little Pony Themed birthday or any Unicorn party with this cute and fun party game.
Perfect for adding a touch of fun to the celebrations!
This party activity is fun for all your friends and family!
The colourful poster features a cute Unicorn– but it needs its horn!
With a paper blindfold and 12 Horn cut-outs included, each guest can have a turn to wear a blindfold and to get their Horn the closest to the Unicorn. The closest sticker to the Unicorn Head wins.
Fantastic looking “Pin The Tail” game, ideal for Unicorn/ Pony Birthday parties or just fun at home with friends and family!!
“Pin The Horn On The Unicorn” game
Ideal for Pony / Unicorn Theme Parties
Each pack includes:
1 x Unicorn Picture (42 cm x 42 cm)
1 x Card Blindfold With Elastic
12 x Unicorn Horn Stickers


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