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  • Premium Exclusive Red Ripple Paper Cup 12oz 360ml for coffee, tea, soup, soft drinks, fruit juices or water – these sturdy cups can cope with them all.
  • Triple Layer Protection 
  • Includes Push Top Lids , Maintains Temperature For Longer Time (Hot Or Cold)
  • Good in combination - You can’t go wrong with these practical cardboard cups. They are suitable for all your hot and cold drinks and, thanks to their neutral appearance, can be combined with every menu or packaging concept.
  • Good to drink out of - The lightweight cups are made of sturdy, leak-proof cardboard and, thanks to the rolled rim, are pleasant to drink out of. The water-resistant cups are also hygienic and easy to use, stack and take off the stack one at a time. Cup sleeves are available to make the cups extra comfortable to hold when the contents are very hot.
  • All purpose - These all-purpose cups are widely used by food-service and catering companies, in offices and canteens, during events, festivals and trade shows and for a hot drink or soup to go.


Categories: Disposable Cups

Triple LAYER Protection 
Strong 550 GSM Papper
Food Grade